Liang Zi

Liang Zi is one of the top designers inChina; she was honored as “The Eco-Fashion Master inChina” by Harper’s Bazzar, and won “Golden Award”---the top award granted by China Fashion Week.

Liang Zi graduated from Northwest Institute of Textile Science and Technology in fashion design major in 1990. She created her first brand TANGY in 1994. In 1999, she went toParisfor advanced studies in fashion design and draping at Chambre Syndicale de la Couture. In 2001, she continued the studies in fashion design at Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York (FIT). In 2005, she received the honor of “Ten Outstanding Young People inChinese Fashion Circle”, and gained the chance to study at Central Saint Martin inLondon.

GambieredCantonSilk: Chinese textile heritage

Gambiered Canton Silk is a hand-dyed textile with a history of 500 years fromChina. It takes pure silk as ground, using a special plant in Southern China---Shuliang as dye; after 14 dying procedures including squeezing, soaking, drying the sun, rubbing with river silt etc. The fabric is soaked and dried in the sun for more than 30 times, and it could only be done from March to November inCanton. The Gambiered Canton Silk produced is black one side, and dark brown another side: the black side is smooth and bright like leather; the brown side is soft with natural turtle pattern like antique pottery. This kind of silk is also anti-allergy and anti-itching thanks to the herbal nature of Shuliang.

Liang Zi and Garmbiered Canton Silk

In 1994, Liang Zi discovered Garmbiered Canton Silk by chance. She was deeply touched by the unique and primitive flavor of this fabric; the story of Liang Zi with Garmbiered Canton Silk started…

Traditional process for fabricating Garmbiered Canton Silk was on the verge of extinction at that time. To save this precious know-how, Liang Zi has made great efforts to find technicians, and made deep research, she successed to develop new varieties of Garmbiered Canton Silk. Since 2001, Liang Zi has been showcasing her Gambiered Canton Silk collection at China Fashion Week for 8 years; this has brought her and her brand honors, and also new culture and new fashion to this antique fabric.

Liang Zi has appealed to the public to protect this traditional cloth-making process. Under her proposal, Liang Zi’s company and National Standard Commission have jointly drafted and implemented the national standard for “Garmbiered Canton Silk” and “Clothes made of Garmbiered Canton Silk”. Liang Zi is now investing to build “Gambiered Canton Silk Protection Base” together with Sunde Government, which is the hometown of Gambiered Canton Silk, and has donated 2 million Yuan to establish “Gambiered Canton Silk Protection Foundation” to protect this precious treasure.