TANGY, a brand of Liang Zi Fashion, was founded by Ms. Liang Zi. She always takes “promoting Chinese traditional culture” as her duty and original design as her soul. TANGY brand philosophy is “staying peaceful, healthy and beautiful” and “harmony between man and nature” (the essence of Chinese culture); this philosophy could be discovered through all the procedure of collection development: the Chinese traditional elements, traditional fabrics and international trends are combined perfectly. This is how the TANGY be created.


TANGY collection

TANGY collection is a high-end brand created by Liang Zi in 2008, right after 17 years when she established her own brand TANGY. This collection uses Gambiered Canton Silk as its main fabric. This kind of silk has a long history of 500 years inChina, originally fromCanton, its dying process is eco-friendly and hand-made. This collection provides ready to wear for men and women, haute-couture, accessories and home textile; all are delicate and low-profile. TANGY COLLECTION provide the public a delicate life style with a principle of “Love the nature, love yourself”; The philosophy is staying peaceful, healthy and beautiful; it insists in pure, comfortable lifestyle, and the natural combination of oriental and occidental culture.